Can I use my Fairy Light outside ?

Yes , you can use your light outside for a party or a dinner but you should take it back inside when the party is over as they should not get wet . If you live in a part of the world where it never rains ( lucky you ) then it s ok , you can leave your fairy light outside !

What is it made of ?

The product is a hollow ball shape (a little smaller than a tennis ball) with a hole for inserting the light bulb into. It is made of natural cotton which is hand-dyed and shaped around a small ballon using natural gum to make it firm.When the glue is dry the ballon is popped out  , exactly like “papier mache” . The ‘Cable’ Part of the product is a white string of lights UL certified .

What is the length of the fairy light ?

The 20 Lights cable is : 12 ft The 35 Lights Cable is : 18ft The 50 Lights Cable is : 24ft

Can I connect the lights together to make a very long display ?

Yes , you can connect up to 8 lights together.

How long will the bulb last ?

up to 3000 hours .

Can I leave the lights on all night?

Yes, but I would recommend that you switch it off after 12 hours …

Can the fairy light catch a fire ?

No, the cable part is UL certified so it is very safe and the bulb never gets hot. It is specifically made to be used with the cotton ball lamp shades.


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